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Hello Westhaven Warriors!! I'm so happy that you stopped by! Many of you know that I created this blog especially for the third, fourth, and fifth grade students at Westhaven. Each week I’ll be posting curriculum related questions to see how well you remember your skills. One question will be in the form of figurative language and the other will be text dependent. The instructions below will help guide you on how to answer the questions. Please READ them carefully.

Boys and girls each week I’ll be posting a new figurative language phrase on my blog. The first person to post the correct answer and explain how they know it is correct will be the winner of a special treat from the library. Your choices are:








You must be able to explain in detail how you know the answer. Here’s an example:

I’ll post “Your eyes are as bright as stars.” You’ll post – this is a simile, because it compares eyes to stars and uses the word as. Some phrases may contain two pieces of figurative language.

The second question will be text dependent; meaning you will have to go back to whatever text we're reading in the library to find the answer. Also, feel free to agree or disagree with each other about your answers, but be ready to prove what you have to say with facts from the book or other sources that we might be using.


1. Click on The Mystery Question Blog

2. Go down to the bottom of the page and click inside the box under "Comment."

3. Type your grade and section

4. Type the answer to the questions

5. After you're done answering the questions go down to the box that has "Name" in it and type your first and last name.

6. Go to the "Email" box and type in this email address (

7. Click on "Comment"

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